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The Cisco Kid
Season 1Season 2
Ghost Town - Season 2 Episode 23
Cisco and Pancho are chased by the law into a desolate area and leave their horses to look for water when they stagger into a ghost town.
Hidden Valley - Season 2 Episode 15
Cisco and Poncho are trapped by a ex pirate who runs a slave camp, with Indian guards, in a secret valley with his gorgeous niece who wants no part of it.
Hypnotist Murder - Season 2 Episode 17
Cisco and Pancho intervene when a woman tries to get her husband and his rich father killed, while later, she gets blackmailed by a another woman.
Jewelry Holdup- Season 2 Episode 22
Cisco and Pancho get involved when a gang of jewel thieves, who've mailed themselves part of their haul, are prevented from getting their package by a by-the-book postal clerk, and they then decide to take it by force.
Performance Bond - Season 2 Episode 1
Cisco and Pancho try to find who has been sabotaging a woman's company freight wagons, before she looses the $20,000 performance bond she put up.
Quarter Horse - Season 2 Episode 21
Cisco takes part in an endurance race to help prove 4 quarter-horses can beat one thoroughbred, while the man entrusted to hold the race money, is planing to steal it.
Buried Treasure - Season 2 Episode 25
Cisco tries to save the cabin boy of famed pirate Jean Lafitte--now a wizened old man--from the hands of an ancient old crone and her evil sons, who are after Lafitte's lost treasure.
Ghost Story - Season 2 Episode 7
A pair of silver smugglers murder their partner, a local rancher, when he tries to back out of the operation. Cisco and Pancho set out to get them.