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The Cisco Kid
Season 1Season 2
Confession for Money - Season 1 Episode 18
A young woman asks Cisco and Pancho to help her fiancée, who has confessed to a robbery and murder he didn't commit in order to get money for his mother's surgery.
Dog Story - Season 1 Episode 17
When a wounded dog tracks down the man who murdered his master, a gold mine owner, Cisco tries to get proof he is the killer.
Freight Line Feud - Season 1 Episode 22
Cisco and Pancho come upon Klondike, who was just robbed of his wagon and freight. Upon hearing the bad news, Elaine, the hot-headed owner of Western Freighting Co., takes a couple of shots at Bill Jarrett, owner of Jarrett Stage Line, which is soon to open. She thinks Jarrett, to whom she refuses to sell her company, Cisco and Pancho are in cahoots in order to force her out of business. She's not convinced otherwise, even after Cisco and Pancho find and return her now empty wagon. When Cisco hears of a test run that Jarrett is making the next day, he figures out a way to clear their names and catch the real crooks.
Medicine Flats- Season 1 Episode 8
Cisco and Pancho work with a sheriff and beautiful undercover female agent for the cattlemen's association, to break up a cattle rustling operation.
Newspaper Crusade- Season 1 Episode 16
Newspaperman Ben Jarrett, crusading for the eradication of gambler Henry Judd and his henchmen, who he holds responsible for the crime wave in the community of Sundance, is beaten up and about to be run out of town when Cisco and Pancho arrive to help.
Pancho Hostage - Season 1 Episode 21
After having captured and jailed a bank robber, Pancho is then taken hostage by the robber's sister, who threatens to kill him unless Cisco frees her brother.